Why Me Why Now? – **Mission Statement**

Why Me Why Now? is a book I wrote hoping to prevent teen death and life changing accidents due to alcohol and driving.  the organization Life=Limitless is created in taking steps towards achieving this goal.  Me – Mike Krysiuk (the core of this organization) with my heart felt desire to help teens understand the weight of decisions when it comes to the influences of alcohol and driving and how it can make a difference between living a limitless life or death.  I am a survivor of an accident when I as a passenger in, ran head on into a bulldozer, I still bear the scars, it has been a long road back.  I have spoken with kids at schools and have asked Spencer Lasky to help build the organization so we can affect as many kids as possible with a positive message and keep the dialog ever present in high school.  We are working towards influencing teens to walk in their own light and not in their friends shadows, hoping to influence these teens to shoot for the sun in everything they do, because even if they miss they land among the stars, and that is a great place to be.


4 thoughts on “Why Me Why Now? – **Mission Statement**”

  1. This is a message that all teenagers need to read. Young people all think that they’re invincible, and that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Mike, you thought this as well, and nearly paid for it with your life! Parents with a “not in our backyard” attitude need to read this as well, for the sake of their children.

  2. This small quiet voice of experience brings a life-changing, life-affirmative message. Mike first heard the message in an explosive car crash; the message echoes through his life. Now you too should listen to what Mike has learned while you can, your child and loved ones can.

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